Food Processor Blender Combo: Reviews & Buying Guide 2020

Food Processor Blender Combo: Reviews & Buying Guide 2020

Best Food Processors Blender Combo is mainly used for cutting, slicing, blending and mixing solid foods. Food processors are now very popular as kitchen multitask organizers. If you want to reduce the hassle of the kitchen, bring food processor home today. There are many types of food processors in the current market. You can buy it as a set or separately if you want. There is also diversity in the sets considering the demand. Some sets have different blades for cutting many types of fruits and vegetables, which dominate the variety of mixing kits. You can buy any of the products from the Excess Food Processor or separately. Small kitchen appliances such as a juice mixer or food processor can save our time by greatly reducing our workload.

Top 5 Best Food Processor Blender Combo

1.Ninja Mega Kitchen System – Top Pic (BL770)

Ninja Mega Kitchen System

Ninja has many blenders and that can be extremely confusing counting over all the variations. This Ninja Mega Kitchen System remains their various famous blender and food prep combo models including a strong 1500-watt motor including a difference of serviceable accomplices. Ninja sells multiplied versions concerning the model which involves various assistants but the BL770 is that most famous due to its economic value.

Positives: This Ninja 1500 Policy extends to make extremely great consumer evaluations and operates well at both blending including food processing. Each 1500watt motor is greater than enough for the largest users’ requirements including the food prep associates perform great for creating cookie dough, nut butters, rice milk, milling flour, and dicing vegetables. Great Stewardship tested the system and gave it 4 out of 5 favorites by big evaluations for review.  Us like whereby the model additionally comprises the single-serve Nutri Ninja cups and blades for producing own smoothies and little food prep tasks like creating salad filling.

Negatives: This food processor container holds an 8-cup volume which can be checked if you will continue performing larger quantities of dough and pieces of bread, although it is one biggest function between the blender and food processor combo machines. The complete crushing sword that is done in the pitcher doesn’t constantly blend fresh smoothies as finely being a regular blender sword but it serves pretty well particularly concerning iced drinks.

Overall Opinion

The Ninja 1500 Kitchen System blender is a useful device for the value. It proposes a bunch of functionality and energy that is difficult to beat in this value range. It remains our best pick because it proposes an extended range of advantages and enough power for the largest users’ requirements. For also features, view our Ninja Mega Kitchen System review.

2. Oster BLSTVB-103-000 Versa Review

Oster BLSTVB-103-000 Versa

We wish Oster blenders being all are a popular blender brand that contributes well-built blenders at a fair value. Every Oster Versa Food Processor Blender does best in the center of this Oster blender front in duration of energy and value.

It proposes 1100 watts of blending strength and issues including a 64oz blending can, two 20oz single-serve blending bowls, also a 5-cup food processor including slicing/shredding dish, moreover chopping sword.

The user reviews are great concerning its blending ability including the returns gained doing the prep assistants. One user must excellent returns creating smoothies, shredding cheese, chopping vegetables, cooking cauliflower rice, also cashew butter. Different users signed concerning their knowledge doing the Oster Versa 1100 opposed to the Ninja Professional 1400 and explained their results including the Oster food processor accessory.

Positives: Excellent power also assistants for a regular rate. Operates as 3 instruments: primary food processor, high-speed blender, also special size smoothie blender. CNET provided it a 7.6 outer of 10 grade telling it proposed excellent achievement for the value compared to extra expensive blenders. CNET’s just complaint was ease concerning practice among the various elements which isn’t a subject once you know how to manage it.

Negatives: This 5-cup food processor container is smaller also can be defined with certain tasks. It is slightly heavy and there are any ailments concerning the substitute food processing elements. (Note: Perform assured to operate the food prep swords at the suitable activity and NOT that high speed that is intended for mixing or thou can cut the meal prep)

Overall Opinion

The Oster Vera 3 in 1 food processor blender is a strong blender also the food processor is helpful for little chopping and shredding assignments. The pattern is suitable for those whose central use will continue blending and creating own smoothies yet also similar to the capacity to do easy food processing. While that is a great blender we favor this design including food prep functionality of the and powerful Ninja 1500 Mega Kitchen method.

3. Ninja Nutri Bowl Review

Nutri Ninja Bowl

The Nutri Ninja Bowl Duo is a fine compact blender food processor combo that operates excellent for someone who requires an all-in-one particular serve blender for smoothies including a little food prep instrument.

It proposes a strong 1200-watt motor including two 24oz Nutri Ninja special smoothie bowls, mixing sword, 4 cup volume food processing pot, mixture blade, also food prep blade.

1200 watts is a bunch of strength for a 4-cup food processing container particularly in opposition to the famous Cuisinart 4-cup Mini-Prep processor that just has 250 watts.

Positives: Each lot of energy to manage any blending or food prep assignment. One of the most powerful special blenders. Consumers like the pre-programmed Auto-IQ assignments for hands-off doing. Extremely great consumer studies and happiness. Small and comfortable to put.

Negatives: This just real negative is the 4-cup size will limit some volume of food prep duties that you can do. This is perfect for small tasks similar to performing dips, salsa, grinding spices or coffee, dicing vegetables, etc.

Overall Opinion

The Ninja Bowl Duo is a large 2 in 1 little device particularly if you will be doing appropriate smoothies. It can comfortably manage green smoothies also food processing. We only placed this below on our listing of best blender food processors because concerning the capacity bars although it is the best choice if you require a compact blender and food processor in one method

4. Hamilton Beach Power Elite Multi-Function Blender Review

Hamilton Beach Power Elite Multi-Function Blender

Every Hamilton Beach Power Elite blender has remained one of our tools for most reliable cheap blender and affordable glass blender being it proposes suitable blending power for the base amount. Model # 58149 equals the related blender but adds the 3-cup chopping jar and sword for poor food processing operations.

Decent 700-watt motor that can mix sticky elements like refrigerated fruit and frost but might fight with hard blending tasks similar to composing nut butter. This proposes easy preset blending handles and a fine glassful cup with simple pour spout.

Positives: Extremely low-cost blender that operates excellent for blending jobs similar to fruit smoothies, refrigerated drinks, and milkshakes. The blender should 1000’s of consumer studies and it proposes proper performance for the value.

Negatives: While this blender is cheaply valued, the food chopping sword should average studies. The 3-cup measure for the food prep chopping container is poor and insufficient in its management but fine for easy duties.

Overall Opinion

We preferred that Hamilton Beach Multi-Function key blender because of this cheap rate and proper blending achievement. It is excellently suited for those that often require a basic blender by the continued ability to do little food prep jobs similar to dicing and chopping.

# 05 Master Prep QB1004

Master Prep QB1004

This Master Prep QB1004 is kind of important into that the blender motor remains at top also operates like an immersion blender.

It happens among a 48oz blending container, 40oz food, and meal prep container, 16oz chopping container, multiplied swords, and a 450-watt blender.

Positives: Notwithstanding the 450-watt motor which means lower than our different top tools, this Ninja Master Prep makes an especially great job. This holds over 9,000 user studies including very powerful classes. It additionally got well in fair analyses like Consumer Reports. Well valued for everything the assistance that it proposes.

Negatives: Don’t own either large negative of this product without that it does made by frequently substitute. The other negative is that the swords remain installed on the top so users complained about the risk of casting themselves.

Overall Opinion

We actually like the Master Prep and we would become placed it more powerful yet it operates a small separately than a regular blender also the motor is a small lighter. It obtained a first selection for most reliable baby food makers because of its ability to work similarly to a blender and a food processor.

Why uses a Food Processor Blender Combo?



Any modern device reduces the human workload and saves time. If we want to prepare our daily food and prepare to eat juices and fruits once, we can use a food processor. It is a very useful and essential tool in the range of kitchen appliances and services. 

Benefits of Using a Best Food Processor Blender Combo: Reviews & Buying Guide 2020:

 Technology has made life a lot easier and more comfortable. It has developed everything in our everyday experiences. In the gadgets we use every day and the tools we rely on, everything was different from. With the progress of the population, the speed has increased. There are several gadgets to help you with your daily living. It can be your workplace or your home, or you can be trusted machines in some other way. One such great invention is the food processor, which makes it easier than ever to cook food and make juices.

Is it manual or electric?

First, you have to consider whether it is electrical or manual. The electric food processor will help you save time and effort, on the other hand, the manual will require you to spend a little extra work and time to get the desired output. Electric food processors run on batteries or need to be plugged in to provide power, the manual food processor requires you to use it yourself and spend some time.


One when the motor was too strong but the machine blades were not too sharp. After using a few times are times rust could appear. Now it’s steel blades provide you rust free condition even after longtime use. 

BPA (Bisphenol A) FREE working bowl:

If you use a blender combo processor you can be benefitted with its outstanding BPA (Bisphenol A) FREE working bowl.

 Stainless steel blades:

The blade of the combo food processor provides you a stainless-steel blade which makes it rust-free after longtime use. Additionally, it maintains your food quality and free from contamination.


When using a food processor, it is important to consider the container size. If you want to use it on a larger scale then you must go for a processor with a larger container. 

Number of blades:

Maximum blades quantities a make the processor more effective and efficient for daily use. its multiple blade provides high input in cutting, whipping, slicing and so on.

Easy to clean or not?

Tight blades and bowls need to be taken after use. There are parts of some food processors that are not easy to clean. So, check if the parts are easy to open and dry.

 Price and warranty:

Check the price based on the product specification based on your choice. An electric processor will be costlier than a manual product. Also, check if the processor has a warranty period because it will help you to deal with the loss.

Final Thoughts

We consumed a bunch of time assessing free analyses, user studies, and achievement at compromising on our choices for most suitable Best Food Processor Blender Combo

While there exists an increasing number of 2 in 1 instrument in the market, we know that several are still requiring in nature and design.

The models that we chose offer a nice balance of performance, utility, and price. We will continue to update this guide as new models are introduced into the market.

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