Best Potato Ricer for Gnocchi

Best Potato Ricer for Gnocchi


Before we get into this, I’ve a query that I’m positive you all have too, why is Italian food so scrumptious?

From pizza to pasta’s to gnocchi, Italian food is without a doubt heavenly, the excellent integration of cutting-edge and comfort meals. We acquired handy it to the Italians; they are doing a killer process with these things.

Anyway, when you have had gnocchi you understand what I’m speak me approximately. Gnocchi is sort of a potato dumpling, it’s like little potato pillows that surely burst and soften on your mouth, drooling aren’t you?

What is the name of the game in the back of that fluffy potato you ask?

The 3 Best Potato Ricer for Gnocchi


Potato Ricers Discs Material
Best Professional Grade Potato Ricer and Masher from Gypsy’s Kitchen


3 Interchangeable Discs Stainless-Steel
Top Rated Bellemain Stainless Steel Potato Ricer 3 Interchangeable Discs Stainless-Steel
Oxo Good Grips Stainless Steel Potato Ricer


Unmarried Disc Stainless-Steel


  1. Best Professional Grade Potato Ricer and Masher from Gypsy’s Kitchen:

Best Professional Grade Potato Ricer and Masher from Gypsy’s Kitchen

This comes with ergonomic handles and so you can use this even if you have arthritis or extraordinary pains. Moreover, it comes with 3 interchangeable discs, so that you can choose out the putting that you choose for exclusive forms of potato mash. The interchangeable discs permit you to apply this for one of a kind fruits and vegetables too, as a way to make purees or mashes, etc.

  1. Top Rated Bellemain Stainless Steel Potato Ricer:

Top Rated Bellemain Top Rated Bellemain Stainless Steel Potato RicerSteel Potato Ricer

Another top-notch and robust stainless metallic model, the terrific element about that is the rubber contend with grips, it ensures that your hands don’t slip while making use of all that pressure, and give up creating a huge mess. It additionally has 3 interchangeable plates, if you select big holes or small holes it has obtained them both. The hopper is giant enough to preserve a medium-sized potato so you don’t just lessen the potato first and keep up on time.

  1. OXO Good Grips Stainless-steel Potato Ricer:

OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Potato Ricer

This is any such clean model but it has everything you want within the wonderful potato ricer. It has non-slip knobs and a stainless steel shape. It comes with a single plate but that plate may additionally want to be used in a totally flexible way and will paintings pleasant for making gnocchi.

The potato ricer:

Which will turn a dense potato right into a pillow, you need a thing called the potato ricer. This trusty little device can be your quality pal with regards to making gnocchi.

The potato ricer turns the dense potato into potato sawdust if that makes any revel in at all. It grates the potato so finely that it nearly will become ash and this is the fundamental ingredient in gnocchi. Obviously, it’s miles, not sure that, because of the truth when have Italian dishes now not been complex and technical.

A few human beings locate hacks to make the potato that excellent in the event that they don’t private a potato ricer.

So this sort of subjects embody a potato masher or even an electric powered mixer, however, to be able to by no means offer you the feel which you require to make the first-class gnocchi.

An electric powered mixer might be too harsh on the potato and could release all of the starch; this could flip the potato aggregate right into a sticky mess rather being slight and airy.

A draw close will fail to do away with all the huge potato chunks no do not forget how hard you try.

A potato ricer, at the one-of-a-kind hand, appears like an easy adequate tool, however, this easy device is simply doing plenty. The potato ricer is designed to launch the steam from the potato because of the truth you are meant to apply this whilst the potato is warm.

The steam escaping moreover allows the starch to continue to be check, and you want the minimal amount of moisture on your potatoes so that later when you upload flour, you solely must upload minimum quantity in order that your gnocchi doesn’t turn out to be chewy or dense.

Do you virtually want a potato ricer?

You can additionally think you could get with the resource of except it and probably use a meals mill rather, however, the meals mill doesn’t do what the potato ricer is doing due to the fact the meals mill become once now not specially made for making equipped potatoes for gnocchi.

A potato ricer is without a doubt a very reachable tool now not truly in its functions however due to the reality it is so handy to apply and contend with especially in case you are a novice.

First of all, the extremely good issue about a potato ricer is that it doesn’t require any electric strength, it’s a precise ancient college manual tool. The fact that its miles handheld and portable makes it clean to apply, all you have to do is comply with pressure to get the potato mashed into precisely the right texture.

A potato ricer is additionally top-notch effortless to easy, it’s a compact device and it does now not take to tons effort to easy this up.

Permit’s speak approximately the very excellent characteristic of a potato ricer; so elevate your hand if you hate peeling potatoes because of the fact it takes forever and is, in reality, the maximum demanding difficulty to do, I’m pretty high quality all hands are raised. Properly, you don’t must worry approximately the peeling in case you are using a potato ricer.

Just cook dinner your potatoes besides going via the battle of peeling them, and when you bypass them through your potato ricer; it’s going to certainly go away the pores and pores and skin at the back of. Smooth, no?

What to seem for in a potato ricer?

Potato ricers are available in all shapes and paperwork, a lot is predicated upon on the rate you’re paying for a potato ricer. However, there are some factors that have to be current in any appropriate version. So in advance, then you pass to get yourself a potato ricer, there are a couple of matters which you need to be attempting to find.


A right potato ricer wishes to be robust because of the reality in any other case, it’s going to not do the job find it irresistible presupposed to. You want it to be robust sufficient to push a dense potato thru to turn it into a fantastic mash.


Durability is a few different component which you ought to usually be on the lookout for. Two you would possibly additionally find plastic potato ricers and they will fee so a lot lesser than a metal one, but plastic received’t ultimate and it won’t be in a position to take the load. The brilliant potato ricer material is stainless metallic due to the truth of its durability and lengthy-lasting characteristics. It gained’t rust and go to pot as rapidly as distinctive materials and it is additionally sturdy sufficient to do the activity

The size:

The size of the holder needs to be large ok to deal with both an entire potato or at least significant quantities of a potato. This issue of the potato rice is recounted because the hopper and is one among an imperative detail of the whole concoction.

Different functions:

There is a selection of various small matters that you need to think about due to the truth these small subjects could make a huge difference in your remaining outcomes.

Allow us to talk a bit approximately the holes current in the potato ricer, a few humans are given as authentic with that the dimension of the holes rely and that smaller holes will show higher outcomes. This is arguable on the other hand one element is for sure the kind of holes matters loads.

Constantly pick out a potato ricer that has a proper variety of holes due to the fact these will you will get the paintings completed quicker. It’s far almost as a no longer viable venture to make the potato move thru the ricer another time and again, mainly after it no longer holds its shape.

Some other little aspect to preserve in concept is the clicking apparatus; this is basically what the entire potato ricer tool is based upon so that you can’t mess that up.

After which, of path, there are the handles, a pinnacle grip will make effective your arms are not any exhausted in a while and additionally make the method ten times simpler. Try looking for ergonomic handles to make matters even simpler if you are left-passed.


Begin cooking:

Now which you very personal the equipment, higher get to work on that scrumptious gnocchi you’ve got been seeking to make.

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